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Back pain can be caused by different causes ranging from muscle injury and poor posture to a herniated disc or diseases such as fibromyalgia, for example. So the treatment to get rid of back pain varies according to the cause, symptoms and intensity of this symptom.

Some simple measures that can be taken to relieve back pain are applying a hot compress, massaging the painful area, for example, and in case the pain is moderate to severe, it is recommended to go to the orthopedist or physical therapist to perform a clinical evaluation and guide the appropriate treatment if necessary.

To prevent back pain from occurring, some lifestyle changes can be made, such as maintaining a healthy weight through a balanced diet and frequent exercise, improving posture during the day and when sleeping, as well as doing stretching before and after exercise, as this can prevent muscle injuries.

1. Change position

Lying on your side or sitting so that your back is flat against the chair for a few minutes and avoiding staying in the same position for a long time, even when sitting, lying down or standing, can help improve back pain, since that by being in a more comfortable position, we can breathe better and the muscle fibers loosen, relieving back pain.

2. Apply a hot compress 

Applying a warm compress to the area of ​​the back where the pain occurs for 20 minutes can help improve this symptom, as it promotes circulation in the area and reduces discomfort.

3. Massage

A good way to relieve back pain is to take a warm bath, letting the warm water jet fall hard on the region where the pain occurs. Perform a self-massage, with your own hands using a little cream or oil, making movements of moderate intensity, insisting more on the regions where there is more pain.

Other options are getting a massage from a professional or sitting in a massage chair.

4. Take a medicine

If the back pain is very severe, you can take a muscle relaxant, pain reliever or put a pain patch, such as Salonpas on the region, under medical guidance. See some medications used to treat back pain .

5. Rest in a favorable position

When lying in bed, with your back fully supported, it is recommended to put a small pillow under your semi-flexed knees, thus ensuring relaxation of the spinal muscles.

If the person usually sleeps face down, it is recommended to put a pillow at waist level, thus reducing a forced curvature of the back, avoiding pain when waking up.

6. Maintain a healthy weight

One of the causes of back pain is excess weight that overloads the joints, so eating a balanced diet with dietary re-education will give good long-term results. See how to maintain a healthy weight . 

7. Reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety cause muscle tension, which causes discomfort and contractures, causing back pain. For this reason, measures can be taken such as using essential oils in addition to relaxing exercises that help stretch the back muscles, such as yoga, for example, to release tension in this area and relax the muscles. 

8. Stretch

Performing back stretches can relieve muscle pain and tension. However, you should avoid exertion and exercises such as weights or dancing. See some stretching exercises to relieve back pain .

9. Avoid standing for a long time

Standing for a long time can generate excessive tension in the lumbar area of ​​the back, so it is recommended to carry out simple movements such as alternating weight between the legs, being able to swing from one side to the other; bend your knees, making a slight bend; raise the tips of the feet to promote venous return in the legs, improving circulation in the area. 

10. Improve posture

 Having the correct posture during the day prevents back pain. In those people who already suffer, it also helps to reduce it. See some exercises to improve posture.

By following these recommendations, back pain should be relieved, but if it appears constantly, it may indicate that there is muscle weakness, so it may be necessary to practice some type of physical activity.

As back pain is often caused by poor posture, performing some postural re-education sessions with a specialized physiotherapist can be of great help. 

How to avoid back pain

Some ways to prevent back pain from happening again are:

  1. Maintain good posture when sitting to distribute your body weight well;
  2. Practice exercises at least 3 times a week, so that the muscles are strengthened and stretched;
  3. Lose weight, if you are over the ideal weight, to avoid overloading the spinal joints;
  4. Sleep with a low pillow ;
  5. Do not carry a lot of weight , such as backpacks and heavy folders for more than 10 minutes a day;
  6. Avoid stress .

By following these guidelines, the chances of the individual developing back pain again will be greatly decreased.

When to go to the doctor

It is advised to see a doctor if the back pain persists even following the instructions mentioned above, also if it makes it difficult or incapacitating to carry out daily activities, and in case other symptoms arise, such as 

In the consultation, the doctor should be informed of all the symptoms, how long they are present and in what situations they are intensified.