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Hello. I am Jennifer Smith. ACHE BREAK was born from my 25 years of frustration and heart ache experiencing ineffective pain management solutions for my husband, children, family, friends, and self. To say The Smith Family has had their share of broken bones and joints resulting from persistent athletic training is an understatement. Our primary care doctor once laughingly said we should have a wing at the local orthopedic center named for us.

Jennifer Smith.

CEO - Ache Break

With each injury and surgery, there are always narcotics prescribed. These a clearly necessary for the short term, but not for the long-term pain that can take years to resolve. The result is years of NSAID ingestion which are hard on the liver and kidneys, don’t target any specific area, and are often just ineffective.

Again, to say I have tried every kind of topical cream just willing to spend the money hoping something other than a pill would help. This list of prescription and over-the-counter creams I have tried is endless, and nothing has ever really been effective. But I still try anything new so I can avoid taking a pill.

As the years have passed, I have also watched my parents become arthritic, have joint replacements, and gain the pain of old age. It’s also been hard to manage their pain because the other medications involved with aging can be negatively affected by pain medications. I’ve seen steroids prescribed to help with arthritis, then seen the long term effect of the resulting suppressed immune system. It’s horrible.

It was the failure, or lack of pain relief, of a CBD cream that inspired, ACHE BREAK. I realized that though the CBD may have benefits to the body, I wasn’t getting a quick enough response that after a few days, I gave up an quit using. I had enough and started thinking about what I would make if I were to ever make a topical cream. (Ironically, this is when I started to remember my backround in science as a chemist, microbiologist and semi-conductor quality control engineer. I had spent 20 years removed from industry that I had never considered I could use my education to create something for me.)


I went play around with my idea. The results were amazing. The first batch of creams were not amazing to look, but the pain relief and reduction in inflammation and bruising was incredible. So, for months I made small batches, and my family and friends were my guinea pigs helping me so much with their honest feedback. The feedback was always the same – the pain and inflammation are better. The biggest surprise, however, was when applied to the back of the neck, how well it stops migraines! People always asked for more.

As I researched techniques to solve the issues I was having with feel and consistency, I realized something else. There are so many chemicals in most creams it is staggering. I really had no idea and never appreciated this. It is truly terrible. Chemicals that are so bad for us and banned in other countries are ok in the U.S. I know this sounds naïve. But I truly had no idea, and as I realized how simple creams can be made with simple ingredients, I became offended and angry.

I refused to use all these additives that make creams shelf stable and found another way. ACHE BREAK is simple, clean, and sustainable. It has helped my family and friends. I sincerely hope it helps you.

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