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About Ache Break

Simple ingredients can make a big difference.


* DMSO ingredient is used for its natural and effective pain relieving properties.
* DMSO is 100% Natural. DMSO is a strong antioxidant and has pain relieving and inflammation reducing properties that promote circulation, and stimulate the healing of wounds.
* DMSO is a fast-acting absorption ingredient that speeds up relief time while naturally providing effective pain relief.

Arnica: This homeopathic ingredient helps temporarily relieve muscle pain & stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion & falls. Also great for pain, swelling, & discoloration from bruises.

CBD: 99.9 % pure organic hemp derived CBD - though no significant FDA studies support CBD believers’ claims and the FDA is cracking down on false claims… For those believers, 500mg of CBD definitely adds something extra to our original formula.

Lidocaine: Pharmaceutical grade 5% Lidocaine eases pain quickly and lets DMSO, Arnica, and CBD go to work.

Menthol: Cooling and warming penetrates deep to help relieve tension and pain.


Where it all began – Ache Break’s original “AH-HA” formula. DMSO, Lidocaine, and Arnica work together to relieve aches and pains, reduce swelling, and reduce bruising. Ache Break’s story starts here. Arthritic fingers and feet feel so much better with Ache Break. Joints, back and sore necks all get relief with Ache Break.


Ache Break’s Original formula boosted with 500mg organic hemp-based CBD. Able to go deep,
CBD goes to work where it is needed. Feel an extended relief and more relaxation in your muscles. DMSO, Lidocaine, Arnica as well as CBD are the best and great team against pain.


Our most requested Ache Break formulation. The addition of 10% menthol ups the game! If you are a lover of the icy hot feel of menthol, this is for you. Athletes crave Ache Break Ice. DMSO, Lidocaine, 500 mg organic hemp-based CBD, Arnica and Menthol. You will feel Ache Break in action.

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Brand Story

Hello. I am Jennifer Smith. ACHE BREAK was born from my 25 years of frustration and heart ache experiencing ineffective pain management solutions for my husband, children, family, friends, and self. To say The Smith Family has had their share of broken bones and joints resulting from persistent athletic training is an understatement. Our primary care doctor once laughingly said we should have a wing at the local orthopedic center named for us.