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Our Vision
We believe using technology shouldn't hurt. Using technology shouldn't cause pain. AcheBreak™ provides an effective method of allowing long term use of your computer and mobile phone while limiting pain, discomfort and repetitive stress injuries.


Dr. Brett Valette is a Clinical Psychologist and is the CEO of the Valette Group, Inc. a business with contracts to evaluate individuals with disabilities. As an expert in evaluating and working with individuals who have a range of disabilities Dr. Valette came to believe there should be a way to prevent many of the disabilities due to repetitive stress injury. He developed the concept of AcheBreak.

Ms. Lita Van Wagenen RN, MBA has been in healthcare for over 25 years. Ms. Van Wagenen is a specialist in Quality Management and preventive healthcare. Her personal and professional belief that preventive health is cost effective in the long term and "makes sense" lead her to work with Dr. Valette in the development of AcheBreak.

Patent No. US 6,579,209 B1

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